The Team


Kenneth Henry – CEO

Kenneth R. Henry owns the majority shares in the company. Kenneth Henry is a retired professional basketball player who played in eight different countries with the majority of his time being spent in Australia. He became an Australian citizen in 1999 while maintaining his citizenship in the U.S.. He has extensive business experience within the I.T. and Communications sector where he worked in several high level corporate positions in Australia. After venturing into the restaurant industry in Sydney, Australia for a number of years, Kenneth returned back to Texas where he started up the Sharken Pearl Group LLC.  He has over 20 years business experience in the U.S. and abroad. He never forgot his love of Australian and New Zealand wines and decided to bring his love to the United States by launching Aussie Beverage Distributors LLC.

Raj Varma  & Exim International INC. – International Director

Originally from India, Raj migrated to join his family in the USA in 1994. Back in India, he owned Excalibur International, which did export/import of exquisite hand-cut crystal for years. The factory was classified as a “cottage industry”, which would import plain crystal from all over the world, hand-cut the crystal, and then export them back. It was a labor intensive industry, where the
craftsmen were hand cutting glass for generations. The quality of workmanship was known to all the major crystal factories in the world. Excalibur International’s leather division exported leather goods to the USSR (now Russia). After coming to the USA, he utilizing the export/import experience and contacts, and launched a number of companies with diverse portfolios.

James Best – Vice President of Marketing

Prior to Aussie Distributors, Mr. Best was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for a
leading New York Media Agency, responsible for expanding strategic relationships and driving business
development activities in new markets Mr. Best has worked with some of the world’s most valuable brands, including Coca-Cola and Cadbury Schweppes and has extensive marketing and media experience with adult beverages like Tequila 1800 and Three Olive Vodka. James has 15 years of experience in leveraging a brand’s value chain and managing the various stages of brand development.

Josh Medeski – Graphic Designer 

Josh is in charge of company branding, marketing, website design, label design, and technical maintenance.  Learn more about his skills and view his portfolio at Medeski Design.

Daryl Thomas – Director of Sales

Daryl Thomas is the Director of Sales nationally and a minority partner. He has an award-winning career leading the startup and/or turnaround of sales and service organizations. Daryl has expert qualifications in identifying market opportunities and operating solutions to drive forward revenue and profit growth. Daryl has a proven successful track record across diverse industries to include restaurants, nightclubs, legal technology, and logistics.