Ice Tropez

cree a saint-tropez

Ice Tropez, a new geneation of beverage, is a cocktail that came to life in Sainth Tropez, in the French Riviera.  This sparkling wine cocktail starts with a rose wine base, carbonate water, mixed with a natural peach flavour (fleur de brugnon). A new generation of consumers will be seduced by this modern styled bottled containing a refreshing drink, with an amazing touch of fruit flavors to embelish your senses.

Ice Tropez has been created by Gregory Chaix, owner of the famous Bar du Port, Sainth Tropez’ trendiest host spot. Being close to a ┬ávery stylish and hip crowd, he felt the need to create a drink that carries the same identity and fine taste.

The stylish packaging has been designed by Christophe Pillet, known in France for his contribution to the Hotel Zess in “le XVI arrondissement de Paris”, the new Lacoste store on “Les Champs: and of course ….. le Bar du Port in the breathtaking Sainth Tropez harbor.

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