Bitch Beer

Life's Good, Life's a Bitch

ABD’s primary product is BITCH Premium Lager. Bitch Beer is a premium lager with a light golden color and brewed in Australia using all natural ingredients with no added chemicals, preservatives, or sugar. Packing 6% alcohol, it has a bit of a kick. The extra alcohol adds a slightly sweet flavor. Unlike many high alcohol beers, BITCH is an unexpectedly fresh, easy drinking Aussie beer.

The Name:

Why BITCH? Simply because we’d had a guts full of beers
made for old men.

And BITCH embodied our non-conformist, play hard
attitude to life.

Sure, we could have brewed it with less alcohol. And we
probably could have made it not taste as good, but then
we’d be just like the sh*t loads of ordinary beers made for
old men that are already out there.

With a name like BITCH, we knew our beer had to be good
or we’d be buggered. While our names a bit out there,
were committed to brewing the finest quality, hand crafted
Australian beers.

Our craftsmen brewers at Southern Bay in Victoria demand
the finest all natural ingredients and maintain the highest
standards throughout the brewing process.

The result? Exceptional crisp, clean, easy drinking
beer that goes down without a fight.

Right now, weve got the one exceptional beer, BITCH
Extra Strength Premium Lager, but were working on a
number of unique brews that will come your way in the not
too distant future. Lifes good. Lifes a Bitch.

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