Bitch Beer

ABD’s primary product is BITCH Premium Lager. Bitch Beer is a premium lager with a light golden color and brewed in Australia using all natural ingredients with no added chemicals, preservatives, or sugar. Packing 6% alcohol, it has a bit of a kick. The extra alcohol adds a slightly sweet flavor. Unlike many high alcohol beers, BITCH is an unexpectedly fresh, easy drinking Aussie beer.


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Ice Tropez

Ice Tropez, a new geneation of beverage, is a cocktail that came to life in Sainth Tropez, in the French Riviera.  This sparkling wine cocktail starts with a rose wine base, carbonate water, mixed with a natural peach flavour (fleur de brugnon). A new generation of consumers will be seduced by this modern styled bottled containing a refreshing drink, with an amazing touch of fruit flavors to embelish your senses. (more…)

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Pit Bull

Pit Bull is the best tasting energy drink on the market, according to consumers that are demanding a better tasting energy drink. The company was founded in 2002 with the slogan of “Guaranteed No Aftertaste.”

With headquarters based in the sunny San Fernando Valley area of California, Pit Bull is the only independent energy drink manufacturer/distributor in the nation. (more…)

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